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Child Support Jail Release

Travis County Pre-Trial Services (link to this site: has a system in place that allows many to be released on personal bond in Texas without hiring a bail bondsman or leaving large amounts of cash with the county (cash bond).

If a person is unable to get out on their own with a personal bond in Texas, hiring our office can help you qualify for a personal bond in Texas. We suggest contacting an attorney first, as an attorney will credit any fees on jail release to representation. Thus, dispensing with the need to pay “twice” – i.e. pay a bondsman AND an attorney for representation. We frequently use jail release fees as a “down payment” on representation and will start to go to court with you immediately, relieving any anxiety you may have about the process. Your initial consultation is on us! As we consult for free over the phone.

What Not to Do When Getting Pulled Over by Law Enforcement: Our office is asked this question a lot. Once you are pulled over by the police in Texas you are required to give them your driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration when they ask for them. Whatever address you provide should match your license or you could receive a ticket for failing to change your address within 30 days (grrrrr! I know). Provide these documents, but do not engage in conversation with the police. The police will ask where you are going and where you are coming from, your answers may give the police grounds to detain you longer. 
Once you are pulled over by police in Texas the police have been trained to look for signs that you have been drinking alcohol or are intoxicated, signs you may be carrying drugs or drug money, and signs that you may be hiding something. You ARE NOT required to answer their questions. If you do answer their questions a court could find that you VOLUNTARILY gave the police information used as the basis for any arrest, so don’t fall into this trap. It is our nature to want to cooperate with the police, but doing so can lead to your arrest, unfortunately. More than likely, you are being videotaped. This videotape will be played for a potential jury if you are arrested so don’t be rude or curse. It’s better to be calm and decline to answer their questions by saying “I do not wish to have a conversation with you.” Once pulled over in Texas, the police will try and put you on the defensive and obtain information you are not even aware that they are gathering like whether your speech is slurred, or whether the officer smells an odor of alcohol, whether you are talking too fast or too slow or will admit to having come from a location that sells alcohol or from a place where criminal activity is known to occur. Each of these, along with any other observations the officer makes, can lead the officer to be suspicious of you and detain you longer. We also suggest calling our office at the time of the stop if you are concerned about police harassment.